Fresh Pheasant (600-680g)


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Cornish Pheasant (600-680g)     Price is per Pheasant 

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Locally sourced from estates all over the West Country.


A rich gamey taste, intensely flavoured white flesh that does not need over cooking. Try drapping the pheasant in bacon or pancetta then oven roasting, this helps to seal in the moisture and avoid drying.


Pheasants are very active birds, with little fat on them, so slow cooking on a low heat is the best. Pheasants are similar in taste to chicken, but with a robust gamey kick.


One pheasant will feed two people. Fresh available when in season.




 Fresh Foods Cornwall Menu Suggestions...

  • Roasted Pheasant with crusted pumpkin and chestnuts
  • Braised pheasants with prunes, pancetta, shallots and red wine sauce
  • Pheasants and celery casserole with juniper and orange

Alternatively, try our Pheasant Breasts




 Fresh Venison from Cornwall

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